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WINTER - Cosy Edit

WINTER - Cosy Edit

Baby, it’s cold outside! 

Winter is now most certainly upon us and those warm balmy days of summer are a distant memory. As most of us begin to spend more time inside, it's time to keep toasty through the colder months and savour those little moments to bring a sense of calm and cosy to our homes.

Here are a few things that I find help to create those little moments...

Light Candles

I've always loved to fill the house with candles, but I have to admit that most of the time they just sat on the coffee table or bathroom shelf flameless! But now these little jars of scented heaven flicker away during mealtimes, wfh times and of course, bath time to add a comforting glow to any space.



Relaxing Soak in the Bath

It's important to take a little "you" time and there's no better way than jumping into a hot relaxing tub. I'll set the scene for you... Door closed, scented candle lit, soft music on, maybe even a cheeky glass of wine and a bath filled to the brim (well the overflow at least) with divine mineral salts... oooh happy cosy me time! 

A Cosy Throw

Cold weather calls for cosy knitwear in your wardrobe, so why not replicate this in your home, as well? A stylish throw adds comforting layers that are delightfully snuggly and make beautiful decorative pieces, too. Drape it over your knee as you watch your favourite box-set, then curl up beneath it to truly transform your room into a night-time haven.

Become a Barrista at Home

Make the most of coffee time by treating yourself to a fab little stencil to jazz up your favourite beverage. Embrace one of the most simple joys in life: a wonderfully comforting beverage with a twist! 

If you normally top your cappuccino with a good old sprinkling of cocoa powder, why not try swapping it for a dusting of cinnamon instead or try a spoonful of turmeric stirred into hot milk, before adding your regular coffee or hot chocolate, for a deliciously comforting beverage. Add a touch of cosy to your cuppas without the aid of a barista!



The Great Outdoors 

Getting out in the fresh air is good for mind, body and soul! We have been stuck indoors for so long, so now we are "free" I love to mooch around the garden and then sit in the sunshine or even beneath grey skies, with a cup of coffee and listening to the birds - it just makes you feel good to be OUT!

Getting Creative

Doing something with your hands, other than pressing the keys on your mobile, feels so good. My husband discovered bread making during lockdown (he would give Paul Hollywood a run for his money! ) he says it's a good way to slow down and the kneading part it's so therapeutic (all I know is that the smell wafting from the kitchen makes me feel all warm and cosy) I was tempted to take up knitting or drawing but instead I found journaling was my forte! Quiet space, pen in hand and scribbling away gives me 10  minutes of calm in my own little world.

I think the most important think about trying to find those moments of calm is, don't stress about the little things (they are little for a reason) and be kind to yourself.

So grab a super snuggly throw and get cosy on the sofa and enjoy a little you time, after all, it's good to embrace cosy comforts - no matter what season it is!