Cosy Isolation Essentials for You & Your Home

Our UK Summer was rather hit or miss last year -  well let's be honest, it was definitely more of a damp squib than heatwave heaven! At least during the Winter months you know what' s coming our way - cold, wet, windy and an overwhelming need to batten down the hatches and hibernate! 

Here’s my round-up of some cosy essentials to cheer up chilly Winter evenings.

Scented Candles

It might be February, but I've been having a cheeky log fire in the evenings since September - don't judge me, I feel the cold! Our vegan-friendly range of scented candles complement any space and add a delicious cosy ambience. Oakwood & Tobacco is my new favourite - it's a bit of a man candle but pair it with an open fire and I'm in cosy toes heaven!



Relaxing Soak in the Bath

It's important to take a little "you" time and there's no better way than jumping into a hot relaxing tub. I'll set the scene for you... Door closed, scented candle lit, soft music on, maybe even a cheeky glass of wine and a bath filled to the brim (well the overflow at least) with divine mineral salts... oooh happy cosy me time! This is my favourite at the mo... Rest Mineral Bath Salts.




A Cosy Throw

Cold weather calls for cosy knitwear in your wardrobe, so why not replicate this in your home, as well? A stylish throw adds comforting layers that are delightfully snuggly and make beautiful decorative pieces, too. Drape it over your sofa during the day, then curl up beneath it to truly transform your room into a night-time haven.



Become a Barrista at Home

Make the most of coffee time by treating yourself to a fab little stencil to jazz up your favourite beverage. Embrace one of the most simple joys in life: a wonderfully warming beverage with a twist! 

If you normally top your cappuccino with a good old sprinkling of cocoa powder, why not try swapping it for a dusting of cinnamon instead or try a spoonful of turmeric stirred into hot milk, before adding your regular coffee or hot chockie, for a deliciously warming beverage. Add a touch of cosy to your cuppas without the aid of a barista!


So grab a super snuggly throw and get cosy on the sofa and enjoy a little you time, after all, it's good to embrace cosy - no matter what season it is!

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