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Glorious Greens

Glorious Greens

“People only need to do the slightest thing to connect with nature and once it happens your passion is lit forever” - David Attenborough 

In case you missed the memo, houseplants are having a moment and planters are bang-on trend to display your greenery in style. Gone are the days of spider plants relegated to the littlest room in the house in simple plastic terracotta ones. Enter: plant pots with attitude!.

What better way to create an indoor green space than with a handmade planter? And yes, they even come in rope!




Some even double up stylish holders for kitchen utensils, pens and work from home bits and bobs or for mini ones, reverting back to the coffee beakers they once were!

A plant or foraged find can add an eye-catching feature to any room. so, if you’re new to the greenery game, consider the following … which comes first – the pot or the plant?

Do you buy the pot you love and then buy a plant that’s the right size or do you already have a plant that needs a standalone pot to match its showstopper credentials?




 If you are short on space but love the idea of greenery, then a small pot or imposter pot (coffee beaker) is a great choice for a windowsill, tabletop or kitchen counter. From succulents to rubber plants and everything else in between, there’s a pot for every kind of space.



Here’s our selection of the best plant pots to give your houseplants added wow factor!.