Handmade Ceramics With Nordic Design Credentials

We are super excited to be stocking Cheshire-based potter Tone Von Krogh’s undulating contemporary ceramics, which are influenced by the snowy winter landscapes and hues of her childhood Norwegian homeland.


What makes each piece so special and unique?   
Tone’s range includes contemporary wavy vases and softly distorted beakers, bowls and subtle bud vases and candle holders. The wavy vases are all unique as they are first made on the potter’s wheel, then reassembled to none circular shapes to hold the flowers stand proud without the need for wire or foam.



The beautifully tactile shapes she creates are soft with dimple indentations and bulges added to give a gentle hint at something under the surface. The colours of the matte glazes are inspired by the colours of the winter skies, snow and ice. 


We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share her gorgeous work with you.  

Join us in celebrating the unique.

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