Knotsy Brighton: Adding a modern twist to a traditional basket making industry.

Knotsy Brighton has been lovingly created by founder Chantelle. It is her vision to create a brand that offers handmade, simple and timeless products. The concepts of ethically and locally sourced materials are important to her, and she has tried to uphold these values within the brand.



Chantelle's parents were both creative and she spent many of her weekends as a child travelling with them to London, where they sold crafts in Covent Garden's famous apple market. Handmade hessian baskets, pipe cleaner teddy bears and clown mobiles, her parents creativity inspired Chantelle to later establish Knotsy Brighton.

We are delighted to say that we are collaborating with Chantelle to create some fabulous new pieces to add to our collections, can't wait to see the results!     



 Who /what is your inspiration? Since moving to Brighton I am inspired by this gorgeous city. Walks along the beach with the roaring ocean, sunset views up at Devils Dyke. The city has a wealth of creativity and so much inspiration for the collection.

How did you get to where you are today? Previously working in fashion has enabled me to have a good knowledge of business and aesthetics that very much help the creativity of Knotsy. During this last year I have been given the gift of time and have been able to furfill a life long dream of owning my own business. I am very proud and happy with how things are progressing.

What task do you prefer to delegate? Honestly, its just me and my partner. My partner works full time so I often rope him in for trips to the post office, but it is me delegating all tasks to me! I love the making the most 😊

If we asked you to pick your favourite product, what would it be and why? I would have to say the trays. I love the combination of the rope and the wood. I want to mix materials in this way much more in the range.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened since you began your journey with Knotsy Brighton? Being asked to be featured on an up coming cooking programme. I have made some items for it but cannot reveal which so stay tuned!


Which famous person would you love to buy your products and why? I would love Fearne Cotton to buy something. She is a great inspiration and I love her happy place podcast.

Do you prefer sketchbook or laptop?  Sketchbook always. I am very much a pen and paper kinda gal and have endless lists dotted around my house.

Which is you favourite process  - Design or Make? Make. I studied textiles and have always had a love of tactile textures and fabrics. I love the making process, taking raw materials and turning them into beautiful products.

What do you use everyday that you wish you had designed? That is a toughie! Not sure its the most sensible answer, but candles! I burn candles all day and have tried my hand  at it but they didn’t come out quite the same.



What constitutes your perfect day off? Breakfast is one of my favourite meals, so a lovely lay in, followed by some breakfast (must include eggs) a walk along the seafront, stop for a cheeky pint in one of the pubs here in Brighton. Followed by a bath at home and a good film snuggled up with some ice cream.

Do you have a favourite small brand you are loving at the moment? There are so many! I love nuditea they sell a great rang and rose nisbett ceramics which are so fun!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Would love to attempt being a chef. I love food and would really enjoy the process of making.

Do you have a studio playlist? hmmm I listen to a lot of Motown as that’s what I grew up on. Also a bit of Phil Collins which is my dads favourite. My most played is artists such as Maribou State, Chrstine and the queens, haim and London grammer.  Something quite relaxing.

Tea or coffee in the studio? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon 😊

What can we expect in the future? I am working on some new colours for the range, so keep your eyes peeled!

A huge thank you to Chantelle for taking the time to answer our questions.

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