Mandarin + Bergamot + Rosemary Salt Soap


Treat yourself to a deliciously scented soap by Edinburgh based maker Dook for a relaxing spa night or give a bar to a friend as a thoughtful gift. Dook's cold-pressed soaps are made with organic ingredients, essential oils, Himalayan salt and look great in your bathroom!

Mandarin + Bergamot + Rosemary + Cedar offers a fruity scent with herbal and woody notes, with even more salty benefits than their other bars.

A Dook salt bar is dramatically different from a regular soap:

They are super effective cleansing bars. The salt exfoliates and also softens the water letting the soapy suds remove impurities and daily build-up from your skin.

They are never drying. The generous amount of raw shea butter in each bar ensures that your skin will feel moisturised and supple.

They smell amazing. The essential oils provide stimulating natural fragrance, turn your shower into a spa experience!

They will never go soft on you. The salt creates a hard, very long-lasting bar. Work in some warm water and wash with the luxuriously creamy lotion-like lather.

Key ingredients: Organic coconut oil (for that smooth, lotion-like foam) Raw organic shea butter (moisturising & anti-inflammatory) Himalayan salt (detoxifying & exfoliating) French green clay (a natural skin decongestant & purifier)"

Paraben-free - palm oil-free - cruelty-free - vegan

There's no place for plastic here - all soaps are sold in a 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and card which is fully biodegradable. 

Handmade and unique - the weight of the soap can vary by a few grams, and the designs will naturally differ per bar.

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