Speckle Stoneware Mug - Cool White


The speckled mug by UK based maker The Super Sparrow has a clean, pared-down design with a really comfortable handle. As every piece is individually made colours and shapes will vary slightly, giving them character! They can even be used as planters for succulents or serving up desserts - who knew a mug could be so versatile! 

The clay is a flecked stoneware that has a lovely creamy colour and natural dark speckles which come out in the final firing.

Available in 2 colours - Cool White or Galaxy Blue

Dimensions: H: 10.5cm D: 7cm V: 300ml.

CARE: Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Stoneware clay. Handmade in London.

Part of a collection of unique pieces made in the UK by talented ceramicist The Super Sparrow. Each piece is thrown by hand on a potters wheel and is part of a range that also includes mugs, plates, cheeseboards and spoons.

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