Try thinking outside the bar!

Try thinking outside the bar!

The drinks trolley is back but there's not a drop of booze in sight!

When we think drinks trollies, we are automatically transported back to the 70’s  - The Good Life’s Margo Leadbetter in bright orange kaftan and turban, wielding the afore mentioned trolley with panache at her music society soiree! - think clinking glasses, booze, ice buckets, cheese on sticks and vol-au-vents… the height of sophistication In 70’s suburbia!

They say what goes around - comes around and the good old drinks trolley is back - but now it’s multi-functional.

Drinks trollies can do so much more than just hold booze! Whether you recently picked one up at the store or you scored one at a bargain price on a well known market place, here are some creative ways to get your shiny trolley to earn its keep.

Living room: Instead of loading it with bottles and glasses, try adding a lamp, coffee table books, candles and some of your favourite vases or planters and you can create a unique alternative to a regular side tables.




Kitchen:  A drinks trolley is also great for adding a little extra storage space in the kitchen or dining room It’s perfect for storing extra crockery, baskets, cutting boards and your go-to cook books. Create your own coffee station on wheels with added va va voom!



Bathroom: It’s an excellent option if your bathroom is short on space.  Create your own spa  by adding plush towels, your favourite candles and a plant or just keep it totally functional for everyday items like loo rolls.



 Bedroom: Turn your shiny trolley into a bedside stand, it will be handy for storing all of your bedside essentials. Simply add the usual lamp, books and your favourite candle to make your night stand swoon worthy! Pop a storage basket on the bottom shelf to act in place of a draw.



A day clearing out the garage yielded unexpected results and we uncovered this shiny 70's classic. ⁠

It was looking tired and unloved but, after a good polish it awoke from its cobweb covered slumber and is now giving me a little added storage space.

So, go on – get creative with a retro classic and turn yours into a swanky alternative to a booze station!