About us

our story

Chilled Indigo Lifestyle Store was launched in Spring 2021 by Sarah & Michael from their kitchen table in the North of England. We are keen to minimise our impact on the planet and became disillusioned with the throwaway, mass-produced nature of retail on the high street. This inspired a passion to create an online store to showcase independent makers producing thoughtful, ethical home and lifestyle goods. We wanted to develop a more meaningful brand, one that champions independents and celebrates originality above all else.

With this as our guiding philosophy, we created a platform to support and celebrate artisans that craft small-batch sustainable home and lifestyle goods, each as individual as the talented artisans who makes them.

Our Philosophy

Our edit of carefully curated artisan objects, offers an antidote to the modern day mindset of easy disposability. We are passionate about originality and question how objects are made to give you more earth-conscious options. For us, creating a conscious living space means finding a balance between minimal design, functionality, and sustainability.


The aesthetic is pared-back and understated. Chilled Indigo Lifestyle Store champions the independents and hails the handcrafted, objects that have a strong sense of purpose. The connection between a maker and a handmade object creates a story. Fill your home with artisanal homeware & lifestyle accessories that contribute to your every day life stories. 

Sustainable living

As our store continues to grow, - we strive to offer a more thoughtful and earth-conscious shopping experience, bringing together a community of talented makers and showcase an edit of consciously made goods for home and living

We believe that sustainable living can be achieved by changing the way we shop, no matter what the budget allows. Our philosophy is ‘to buy less, buy better, live thoughtfully’ – opting for small batch products that are handcrafted from ethically sourced materials instead of mass produced impulse purchases. Small steps can make a big difference!