Metal Dust Pan | Redecker

£17.50 £12.00

Our Redecker white, powder-coated, metal dustpan offers a streamlined design as well as years of faithful service ahead. 45cm long, it is crafted with an oiled beechwood handle and finished with a leather loop for hanging when not in use.

  • made in Germany
  • untreated beechwood handle, white powder-coated metal pan
  • 45cm


The first Redecker brushes were handmade in 1935 in Germany. A lot may have changed since then, but the skillful combination of natural materials, function, and design remains.

Originally founded by Friedel Redecker who earned his living making brushes because he went blind as a child. The company is still family-owned and continues to employ and provide skills to visually impaired people within their community.