Mushroom Brush | Redecker

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For those who love foraging or just prepping for supper, these handy little Redecker brushes are perfect for gently brushing their fungi rather than washing with water, which is said to spoil the flavour. The brush fits neatly into your hand for kitchen use or into your pocket for foraging expeditions!

  • Measuring 4.5cm
  • made from oiled beechwood and light horsehair
  • brush firmly against the fingers to remove any loose dirt
  • best kept dry.


The first Redecker brushes were handmade in 1935 in Germany. A lot may have changed since then, but the skillful combination of natural materials, function, and design remains.

Originally founded by Friedel Redecker who earned his living making brushes because he went blind as a child. The company is still family-owned and continues to employ and provide skills to visually impaired people within their community.