Our Story

Championing independents. Celebrating originality.

We are an independent lifestyle store showcasing small independent makers & thoughtfully made goods. We offer design-conscious individuals a unique collection of homewares which last a lifetime aesthetically and functionally.

Our ethos is originality - We started this business as we're interested in so many different forms of craftsmanship. We passionately care about where our products come from and who makes them. At Chilled Indigo we embrace a mindful and meaningful approach to the goods we curate and to the partnerships we nurture with independent makers. 

Our talented makers create inspired simple objects, using sustainable resources and combine traditional craft know-how (methodology) with a considered approach to modern living. We share these core values and embrace creativity, design and simplicity of form.

 We have consciously chosen to step away from bigger brands with lifeless mass-production and instead champion individuality that comes from working with smaller makers whose aesthetic we love. 

We believe consumers are becoming more conscious about their shopping habits and taking a more thoughtful and respectful approach to the things we purchase, especially when they have an informed connection to the craft, materials and history of the objects we have curated.

We want to be as transparent as possible about our products so you know where and how each has been made and can make the decision to support sustainability. Each thoughtfully curated object needs to compliment our collection and bring a richness to the shopping experience.  

We strive to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, constantly viewing areas where we can minimise any waste in our business. Small steps can make a big difference!