Founded in 2021 the concept was to create an online store that championed independents and hails the handcrafted above all else.  

With an unwavering vision, Sarah Martin the founder and driving force behind Chilled Indigo, is passionate about the sustainability and authenticity of the objects she handpicks for the online store

Sarah’s meticulously researched lifestyle collection has been ethically and sustainably sourced from across the UK and beyond, and in keeping with the stores ethos, the collection reflect her disciplined pallet, muted tones

Effortlessly combining life with aggressive MS and her love of handmade objects with an inherent uniqueness, she has, through sheer dogged determination, created an uncompromising tour de force.

She works directly with independent makers, who use natural materials and a production process with a minimal carbon footprint.

Chilled Indigo online will continuously evolve, showcasing beautiful things painstakingly curated for you and your home