Beeswax Candles Mini | Set of Twenty


Our English beeswax candles are hand dipped in Cumbria and come in pairs, joined by the wick. The beeswax gives the candles their characteristic honey colour and naturally sweet smell.

The candles are hand-dipped and the wicks are hung on a concentric frame and dipped at intervals in the melted wax. The candles have to dry before being dipped again, a process that is repeated over and over again until the candle is the required size.

Hand crafted in Cumbria from British beeswax

  • set of twenty small candles
  • From left to right: Celebration | Tapered Dinner | Giant Stubby | Stumpie | Stubby | Small

    • 100% beeswax
    • hand dipped in Cumbria
    • Mini - length 10.2cm, Diameter appox 1.5cm - Burn time of approx 1 hour each
    • Stubby -  11.5cm x 2.2cm (diameter at base x height) 3.5 hour burning time
    • Dinner -  23cm x 2.2cm (diameter at base x height) 8 hour burning time
    • Stumpie - 10cm x 4.4cm (diameter at base x height) 12 hour burning time
    • Giant Stubby - 4.4cm x 20cm (diameter at base x height) 24 hour burning time
    • Celebration - 200mm x 4mm  (diameter at base x height) 1 hour burning time
    • Other notes: Due to the hand-dipped nature of our beeswax candles, there may be slight subtle variation in their size. Should they require a slight adjustment to fit securely, we suggest melting the bottom of the candle before placing in your favourite candle holder.

Moorlands Candles - A family company from Alston Cumbria, Moorlands has been hand-dipping candles since 1981. Their incredible array of shapes and sizes means there is something for everyone.