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Hand Blown Recycled Glass Vase - Blush


We think this fabulous round irregular recycled glass vase is calling for some large fresh blooms and a centre-stage spot on any table or mantlepiece.

Larger at the bottom tapering in on way up and coming out to a narrow collar neck which is such a nice touch as it allows the flower heads to span out around the vase.

Handmade in Spain, using exclusively 100% recycled glass without any additives, these vases are the result of combining traditional skills and the latest technology.

Please note that due to the handcrafting process, each piece will feature minute variations in texture and surface – meaning that each one is utterly unique.

Height 23cm

Diameter 21cm

Capacity 3.5 lt

The recycling process of glass is a clear example of sustainability and closing the loop on waste. The energy saved in recycling 3 bottles is sufficient to charge a smartphone battery for one year.