Oat Woollen Socks | The Natural Dye Works

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Made with unbleached, natural wool, from lowland grazing Irish Jacob sheep. Knitted in Ireland. Hand-dyed by Ros at The Natural Dyeworks using natural plant extracts.

Please note these socks are made in very small batches so there may be slight variances in colour.

Material: 100% wool (There is a small amount of elastane used around the cuff).

Care: Hand wash in warm water with just a little eco-detergent. Allow drying naturally, away from heat.

UK size 4-7 EUR size 37-41


The Natural Dyeworks

The Natural Dyeworks was founded by Ros, a natural dyer living in the Kent countryside. She works exclusively with natural fibres including linen, silk, wool and bamboo, crafting an ever-evolving palette of colours through the use of petals, leaves, bark, roots & seeds. Our ingredients are foraged in the Kent countryside, grown on our dye allotment or sourced from food waste collected from local cafes.