Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bag | Set of Three

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This handmade & eco-friendly organic cotton bag is the ultimate zero-waste shopping swap. Place your loose fruit and vegetables from the farmers market in these reusable and sustainable produce bags.

These mesh, draw-string bags can hold up to 10kg and the mesh design means they keep food fresher for longer.

Size - Measures approximately  30 x 25cm.

Note - Machine washable up to 60 degrees.

Made in the UK

Plastic Free

Sustainable Materials

Vegan Friendly

Set of Three


Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is inspired by nature, a love of the outdoors, and the desire to protect the environment we live in. Their collection of eco-friendly products is designed to provide better alternatives to their single-use or plastic counterparts. Made to last with sustainable materials, their range has neutral tones meaning they won't go out of date in one season and allowing you to easily mix and match.