Stoneware Pot | Charcoal


These striking planters by UK maker Dor & Tan, make perfect plant homes for all types of bundles of green, from peace lilies to chilies.

These hand-thrown plant pots are made with a smoother naturally patterned clay that is hand prepped and thrown by the team in the studio and finished off with a simple white glaze inside to prevent water from escaping when you care for your plants. You can put soil straight into these planters or you can find pots that are 4 inches wide to place inside.

Options: Small | Large

Designer: Sharron Page Stocks
Dimensions: Ø14.5 H14.5 CM | 11cm (D) x 11cm (H) approx.
Clay: Coal
Glaze (Int Only): Moss
Material: Stoneware
Origin: Handmade in St Ives, Cornwall

Hand-thrown and glazed! All pieces are individually handmade so will vary slightly, only adding to their individuality. 

Hand washing is advised