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Stoneware Wavy Dimple Vase


These stylish hand-thrown wavy dimple vases are rather special as no two are ever exactly the same. Made in small batches to ensure the form and finish, they will add a touch of Scandinavian simplicity to your home.

The vases are made on a potter’s wheel and then whilst the clay is still wet, they are manipulated into unique shapes with waves, dents, and sweeping lines. With a soft tactile glaze for a unique finish, we think this is the perfect vase for wildflowers, your favourite stems or simply as a stand-alone art piece.

Large: W: 13cm       L: 16cm         H: 20cm

Small: W: 10cm       L: 14cm         H: 11cm.

Hand-thrown and glazed! Every piece is just a little bit different.