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Table Brush and Dustpan Set


Get rid of breadcrumbs with a swipe of the brush with this handy little brush and pan set! Both elegant and practical in oil-treated beech and horsehair.

All Iris Hantverk brushes are of exclusive design and are made mostly from natural materials.

Iris Hantverk Table Brush Set

Hand-crafted from oiled birch wood and horsehair by Swedish brushmaker Iris Hantverk, this neat little brush and pan set is ideal for giving your dinner table a quick de-crumb between courses and is attractive enough to hang on display in the kitchen.

Following a 100-year-old tradition, Iris Hantverk brushes are hand made in Sweden by highly skilled, visually impaired craftsmen. The designs are exclusive and the brushes are made from high quality natural materials.

This small table brush and dustpan is hand-made by visually-impaired craftsmen in Iris Hantverk's Swedish brush bindery. This handy beechwood-and-horsehair brush makes quick work of tidying up the morning's breakfast crumbs.

Iris Hantverk table brush and dustpan
Oil-treated beech wood, horsehair
Dimensions  - Length 14cm, width 11.5cm, height 1.8cm
Made by hand by vision impaired crafters

Natural materials

Care instructions: to clean, do wipe gently using a lint free damp cloth, 

Consciously sourced